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Elevate your sales.
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6 steps to start boosting your sales

Ready, set, boost! Start your sales transformation with six simple steps - navigating Digital Spark administrative panel.

Navigating user management


License administrator: Profile Setup

Learn how to easily set up your license administrator profile by following a quick step-by-step tutorial guide.


Managing User Accounts in the Customers Module

Efficiently handle user accounts within the Customers Module with the tutorial on 'Managing User Accounts.'


Mastering Manager Verification in the Customers Module

Gain insights into effective verification processes, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience.

Streamlining products and retailers


Navigating Import Points Module: A Deep Dive into Points Distribution

Explore the Import Points Module and uncover the nuances of points distribution for optimal system utilization.


Maximizing Retail Network Efficiency: Retailers and Point of Sales

Learn how to optimize your retail network's efficiency and gain easy access to your retail base.


Exploring SalesDrive™: Product Categories and Products

Understand the diverse product categories and productswithin SalesDrive™ for a comprehensive sales approach.


Comprehensive Sale Reports in SalesDrive™

Generate sales reports effortlessly within SalesDrive™- this tutorial provides insights into maximizing the reporting capabilities trough the platform.


Your Path to Excellence: Understanding Leaderboard Levels in the Leaderboard Module

Explore the intricacies of leaderboard levels and propel your performance to new heights.


Mastering Voucher and Gift Management: Setup Vendors, Setup vouchers and gifts and Requests

Master the voucher and gift management with this tutorial, covering vendor setup, voucher and gift configuration and request processes.

Mastering Outreach: Educations, Promotions and Communication


Digital Spark™ LMS: Navigating Categories and Trainings

Navigate the Digital Spark™ Learning Management System effectively - explore categories and training modules for a seamless learning experience.


Announcements Module Overview: Promotions

Learn how to effectively utilize Promotions for highlighting your products and boosting sales, while incentivizing your workforce.


Announcements Module Overview: News

This tutorial guides you through leveraging the Announcements Module for sharing news and updates with your audience.



Tailor your alert system to suit your preferences and streamline communication.


Effectively Resolving Issues: The Resolution Center Module

This tutorial guides you through Resolution Center, ensuring a smooth communication with your frontline employees.


Understanding Logs: Exploring All Log Data

Explore all log data to enhance your understanding of system activities and ensure optimal performance.

Compliance and security


Implementing Terms of Use

Learn the essential steps to Terms of Use for a clear and standardized user experience.


Banners Module: Customizing and Managing Banner Content

Customize and manage banner content effortlessly, in order to elevate your platform's visual appeal and communication strategy.


Creating and Managing FAQ Section

Create and manage FAQ sections efficiently to support the user experience of your sales representatives.