MARCH 5, 2024

Through The Eyes of an Employee: Awards & Recognition

When you think about employee recognition, your first thought often isn’t the psychology behind it. You might think of the mechanics of recognition, such as how often you should recognize, how you should recognize, what you should recognize for, and what rewards you can offer for fantastic work.

The mechanics are important, without a doubt, and perhaps it goes without saying that recognition has a positive impact, but what exactly is happening in the brain when you recognize someone?

Understanding Incentive theory

The stimulus behind every employee's actions lies in the Incentive Theory which is based on the system of extrinsic motivation through external rewards and reinforcement contemplate the state of inefficiency that comes with, even if the sales results are met, if no performance is acknowledged. Nowadays, employees work truly hard without being acknowledged and may therefore lose the passion to give their all at work. This is the competitive edge we emphasize on by pay rewards only to best performers.

Shaping behavior for success

Consider this scenario: You have a sales team who constantly puts their efforts behind closed doors, however, if lacking the recognition of their contribution, their motivation might lessen, and consequently if this is the case, you would undoubtedly notice a drop in the sales numbers. Through the means of our Digital Spark™ platform, we are able to provide ad hoc motivations for the staff members to go beyond their goals or sales quota for the campaign. To illustrate, suppose that a company that will reward its employees with bonuses, promotions and paid time off for excellent performance will significantly improve employees’ morale and hence grow its sales.

Recognizing sales results

Recognition is key to fostering a culture of high performance. Through Digital Spark™, we offer a seamless way to recognize sales achievements. Whether it's through leaderboards highlighting top performers, personalized messages from management, or even small tokens of appreciation, acknowledging sales results goes a long way in motivating employees to continue striving for excellence.

Digital Spark's incentive-driven strategy for empowering employees

At Softech, we understand the importance of recognizing and rewarding employee efforts in driving overall sales growth. Our flagship product, Digital Spark™, is designed to empower your front-line employees through gamification and education. By creating a direct connection between your company and your field force, Digital Spark™ ensures that every achievement is celebrated and every effort is recognized.

Incorporating insights from psychology into our approach to employee recognition is not just about acknowledging hard work—it’s about unlocking the full potential of our team and driving sustained sales growth. By understanding the psychology behind rewards and embracing innovative solutions like Digital Spark™ by Softech, we can create a workplace culture where recognition fuels motivation and drives success.