July 7, 2023

StarTech Summer Networking 2023

Softech anticipated StarTech Summer Networking event, where the brightest minds in the Serbian startup ecosystem gathered to share experiences, network, and explore new opportunities. As a proud grant winner of the StarTech program, we were thrilled to attend this event and connect with like-minded individuals driving innovation and transformation in the industry.  

Our Business Development Manager and Communication Manager, Tamara Mladenović and Anastasija Murić, represented Softech at the event.

StarTech has become a key player in propelling Serbia’s startup ecosystem forward.

The StarTech Summer Networking event was organized with the purpose of bringing together grant winners and other companies, in a vibrant atmosphere of sharing experiences and knowledge. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, forging new partnerships and exploring potential synergies. The diverse range of industries and expertise present at the event created an enriching environment where participants could gain valuable insights.

For Softech, attending the StarTech Summer Networking event was not just an opportunity to connect with other innovators; it was a chance to celebrate the achievements we’ve accomplished through the StarTech program. The event served as a testament to the program’s effectiveness in supporting startups and propelling them toward success.

StarTech Summer Networking 2023 was an incredible gathering of talented individuals, all passionate about driving innovation and transforming the Serbian startup ecosystem. Through engaging networking sessions, insightful speeches, and collaborative discussions, attendees had the chance to broaden their horizons, forge new connections, and further fuel their entrepreneurial pursuits.

As a StarTech grant winner, our company left the event inspired, motivated and grateful for the opportunities StarTech has provided us. We’re looking forward to continuing our journey with their support.