June 21, 2023

Softech Honored with Plaque and Recognition for Innovation at EU Opportunity Week

The Innovation Fund has awarded Softech with a plaque and recognition for its innovation as part of the Innovation Week organized by the Office of the European Union in Serbia.

The partnership event between the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the European Union Delegation, titled “EU Opportunity Week”, was dedicated to innovation and support for innovative entrepreneurship in Serbia. As a key partner, the Innovation Fund presented Softech with a plaque and recognition at the “Focus on Innovation” ceremony, where all actors in the innovation ecosystem came together to contribute jointly to the improvement of Serbia’s economic development.

The day dedicated to innovation within the “EU Opportunity Week” started with information sessions on the Fund’s support programs and a panel discussion on the future of research, development, and innovation.

This was followed by the Forum Theatre“ Innovation = Meeting Challenges”, which, through an interactive performance, portrayed the experiences of young entrepreneurs on their journey from an idea to realization with the support of the Fund.

The dynamic drama was organized with the aim of encouraging and inspiring creative thinking about overcoming obstacles in building innovative businesses from the ground up.