November 24, 2023

Meet the Team: Growth Marketing Manager

Meet Emilija Anđelković, our Growth Marketing Manager – and the youngest member of our team!

Armed with her creativity and ideas, Ema explores new ways to connect with our audience and turn ideas into marketing campaigns that speak for our brand. She's a team player and a visionary, working closely with the rest of the team to align marketing initiatives with business objectives.

  • Her superpower: the power of driving explosive business growth through innovative strategies.

But Ema's power goes beyond marketing expertise. As the youngest member of our team, she brings a fresh perspective, spreading positive energy and her contagious enthusiasm. Also, she's a great multitasker!

Together, we'll ignite exponential business growth, captivate our audience, and achieve new milestones. Let's make magic happen!

Feel free to reach out to Emilija on Linkedin