June 09. 2023.

Interview with Netokracija

We had a great talk with Netokracija!

This time, the main topic was our soon-to-be new branch in Madrid, Spain – our founder Ognjen Lukic revealed how & why did we decide to expand, what will the team look like, and what’s going to be the main role of the new office in Madrid.

Read the interview to find out.

The startup Softech Solutions announced the new branch opening in Spain, and as part of the South Summit innovation and entrepreneurship conference in Madrid, they also presented theirB2B product – Digital Spark™.

In line with the announcement of the opening of the new office, Softech chose the South Summit in Madrid as an opportunity to present their product – Enterprise B2B SaaS Digital Spark™, to a global audience. South Summit is one of the leading innovation and entrepreneurship conferences in Europe, attracting investors, industry leaders and startups from all over the world.

During the opening of the representative office in Spain, the founder of the startup, Ognjen Lukić, pointed out for Netokracija:

“The decision to open offices in Madrid was the result of recognizing the potential of the Spanish-speaking startup ecosystem. Madrid has become one of the fastest growing startup centers in Europe, with a favorable business environment and the availability of talentfrom all areas that are necessary for the continuous development of innovative solutions.”

“Also, Madrid’s geographic location provides good connections with other European markets. This expansion gives us access to new clients, investors and partners, thus creating the basis for international success.” says Lukić.

The new branch will be a center for business development, sales and customer support on the European market:

In the initial phase, Softech plans to start with a small team in Madrid, which will gradually expand. It’s expected that 10-15 experts will be hired in the mentioned office in various positions, including management, sales, marketing, while further technical development of the solution will be continued by the team in Belgrade.

“The Madrid office will have several key responsibilities. First, it will focus on establishing and maintaining relationships with clients in the European market. Our team will work to identify their specific needs and support them in implementing our DigitalSpark™ solution. In addition, the office will be responsible for sales and marketing activities, with the goal of expanding into Spanish market.” ,explains Ognjen.

Expanding the portfolio of compatible B2B SaaS products remains a company priority. According to Ognjen, Softech Solutions has proven that it can create a product for the world market, and now they face a new challenge in creating an international management, sales and marketing structure that will support the development of innovations. The opening of an office in Madrid is only the first step towards the sustainable growth of the company in the international market.