September 20, 2023

A1 Partnership Program Kick-off event @ ICT Hub

We bring you exciting news from the recent Kick-off event organized by ICT HUB.

This event marks the beginning of the A1 Partnership program, designed for startups and companies to facilitate networking, consulting in the field of innovation and business transformation, as well as investment in technological startups. At this creative event, Softech, one of the fastest growing Serbian startups, took the spotlight.

Emilija Anđelković and Tamara Mladenović from the Softech team were part of this thrilling event, where they had the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with other startups.

The Kick-off event provided an ideal opportunity to establish new business contacts and partnerships, both locally and globally. Emilija and Tamara had the chance to engage in discussions about future trends in the tech industry, share ideas, and create new opportunities for the development.

The A1 Partnership program promises to be a crucial platform for the growth and development of startups like Softech, offering them support, resources, and opportunities for success. This initiative reflects the commitment of ICT HUB and its partners to support innovation and technological advancement in Serbia.

Overall, the visit of the Serbian startup, Softech, to this event was inspiring and holds great promise for the future. Stay tuned for updates on their journey to success, and rest assured that you will hear much more about the main product, platform Digital Spark™, and its contribution to the tech industry.